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  Intensive Ayurveda Courses: Past Gallery

Intensive Ayurveda Courses in 2009

Course dates:   July 5th to 25th 2009
Course Venue:   Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort, Weligama

Morning session of practicals at Barberyn Beach

Thilaka, Janani, Shakunthala the trio arrive
To teach the Barberyn therapy that is so fine
Narayana Thripala, Sharshapadi the oils so devine
Wedamahaththayas guarded recipes still kept alive

Three models on the bed
The bodies oiled and spread
Therapists ready to go ahead
When Thilaka signals to start from leg

Charlotte, Kayo and Shiromi"s hand glide from toe to head
Anja, Patricia and Kayo allowing them to do their best
Inside out and out side in, three times up and three times down
Around the shoulders and the spine until the model snores aloud

Patiently Thilaka guide the fingers
To places where pressure is needed
No one can escape her eyes that linger
Until all perfect the ancient art of Ayurveda

Kamini Rodrigo
July 22 nd 2009

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