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Introduction to Ayurveda and Health

Our Ayurveda Training Course Schedule
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Due to Covid19, all Ayurveda courses have been canceled until the situation improves.

These training courses are conducted at Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, Beruwela, Sri Lanka.
“Ayurveda” – the science of life, is one of the oldest forms of medicine known to man, originating in the Indian sub-continent, dating back about 3000 years. Ayurveda is gaining in popularity as people become more health conscious and explore traditional medical systems.

Ayurveda is a comprehensive and scientific system of medicine based on natural products, promoting a healthy & long life, and can complement modern medicine. Ayurveda has two main aims: to treat the root cause of the disease and manage the disease where it has already occurred, and to prevent disease through purification and strengthening of the immune system. Ayurveda treats the body, mind and spirit of a person as a whole entity, and works on the basis that the mind and body affect each other, and together can overcome disease. Click here for more.

The Institute of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine

The Institute of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine was established by Barberyn to provide the institutional framework for the research, training and development work it wished to carry out to nurture and promote Ayurveda in Sri Lanka. The Institute has the following primary objectives;

  • To raise awareness on Ayurveda and alternative medicine
  • To carry training on Ayurveda and Alternative medicine.
  • To carry out research that would evidence the effectiveness of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine
  • To set up and maintain Herbaria and arboreta
  • To set up and operate laboratories, pharmacies and clinics for the preparation of Ayurveda products and to practice Ayurveda and alternative medicine
  • To research and train in activities that are complimentary to the Ayurveda lifestyle, including Yoga, spiritual enrichment, traditional arts and culture.
The Institute works in close collaboration with Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts and the information presented in this web site is the result of joint research and development done with Barberyn and it’s partners. The residential training courses are conducted at Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort., Beruwela, Sri Lanka

Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants of Sri Lanka

The first scientific database of native Sri Lankan plants used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts (through their Institute of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine), have worked with the University of Ruhuna, Department of Botany, to prepare this ‘Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant Website’ which contains details of the medicinal plants of Sri Lanka used in all the traditional systems of medicine that have been integrated with Ayurveda.

This is pioneering work to collate information on the Ayurvedic plants that grow in the diverse ecological environment in Sri Lanka.

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